Oh God! I died! I cried,
Screaming in my sleep.
When will you set me free?
I was never yours to keep.

I harness the tragedy
And hold the dogs at bay
Tell me… Will my soul see
The hope and light of day?

My mind is caged and taut,
And secrets hid from sight
Am I held quiet hostage?
I know I prepare for flight.

Ah! The gilded prison.
The jailer of dark fear.
What bargain once was struck
And the enemy kept too near?

Oh, fragile spirit inside
Guard my enchanted mind.
Why show my soul so free
to those who are unkind?

Let me hold my pure creation.
Leave me with my self-esteem.
What sweeter life awaits me
When I am free to dream?

© Fiona Tipping 2000

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